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Eureka Springs Contractor, Kevin, Welcomes You

With over 20 years of experience in the custom home construction and carpentry business, Kevin Courtney, owner/operator of Buck Mountain Construction near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has had a lifelong passion for building and remodeling.


His parents knew Kevin would somehow be involved in the construction trades since the age of three years when he decided to take apart the lower kitchen cabinets with his small screwdriver in his childhood home. Kevin’s joy using tools at such a young age pointed the way  to his experiences as he grew into construction and remodeling in the building trades from foundation work to roofing, from framing to finish carpentry, from drywall and tile work, from demolition to installation of hardwood flooring; installs ambient floor heating systems.  Kevin knew when he was only 15 years old that his dream job would be building exquisite custom homes from the ground up.


He has also found an additional passion in remodeling and updating bathrooms from stark midcentury to modern spa like havens; narrow dark stairwells to expansive and accommodating light filled hardwood stairwells; old carpeting replaced with shining hardwood floors; simple steps  up to an entrance or exit to complex and elegant decks and catwalks; old to new, updated kitchens. He is always thinking of new ways of flipping the new from the old, even restoring the original historical buildings in such places as Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  He recently finished updating and restoring the construction of bespoke custom doors and a deck and walkway for the historical Brownstone Inn in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Buck Mountain Construction and Kevin’s talents include creating homes and houses that are full of light and natural materials as well as a reflection of his client’s desires for tile work, bathrooms, kitchens, shiplap, living rooms, libraries, offices, decks, entertainment spaces – any living area or building or remodel that a reflects  his passion to find         the client’s style, elegance, using Buck Mountain Construction’s acclaimed custom carpentry, and to facilitate the outdoor living that is associated with constructing an Ozark Retreat, a custom or remodeled home in Eureka Springs and the surrounding area.  Come build your dream home with Kevin and Buck Mountain Construction.


Contractor Services Include

Custom Homes  // Remodeling  // Custom Decks //  Exquisite Custom Carpentry

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 High Quality Materials 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Custom Homes
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